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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Terrorist Attacks India, No Banking System Impact

(The Economic Times) MUMBAI - Deadly terror attacks will not be able to dent the confidence of India's banking and financial system, which, bankers feel, will bounce back to normal soon.

Out of 120 UBI branches in the city, 118 are functioning normally. The impact is limited to the Nariman Point area, which is cordoned off by security forces. HDFC Bank Treasury Head Sudhir Joshi said the banking operations, except in the areas affected by terrorist attacks, remained largely unaffected. Major markets, including the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange, remained closed.

ICICI Bank Managing Director and CII President K V Kamath said while the city has a track record of bouncing back, "this is new type of attack and I am sure the city has to adjust to this attack.". The city has faced several terror onslaughts including those in 1993, 1997, 1998, 2002, 2003 and 2006.

Monday, November 10, 2008

India Company Blacklisted

Joint Entrepreneur Palm oil Indonesia (GAPKI) enter the name of 30 Indian companies in the black list. The action taken because they have been to cancel the contract because the purchase of raw palm oil (Crude Palm Oil CPO), which resulted in the fall price of CPO.

Chairman of the General GAPKI Akmaluddin Hasibuan, in Jakarta, Monday (10/11), states, 30 Indian companies that cancel the purchase contract with Indonesia's CPO is NAFED, JMD Oils and Fats, Bhatinda Oils and Fats, Kundan Oils and Fats, Oils RAJ Agro, Gujarat Spices, mumbai and Company, sarda Agro, Agro Sudhir, NCS Hyderabad, Mahesh Agro, the Golden Oils Kolkata, Coastal Energy, Pradyhuman Overseas, Sara International, Dudhadhari exports, DDI (International Tower), Budge Budge Refineries, Indumati Refineries, Shree Ganesh Oils, Velani Traders, Sheetal Industries.

Akmaluddin explained, the cancellation of the contract is more harmful to the market and the CPO price lower. Akmaluddin According to the contract with India mentioned the price of 800 U.S. dollars per ton, but Indian importers have requested that the contract price is revealed. "With the cancellation of this contract, the price will fall into the below 500 U.S. dollars per ton.".

Thursday, October 30, 2008

McDonald's will introduce a new generation of global packaging

At November 2008, McDonald's will introduce a new generation of global packaging, which is a comprehensive launch in the history of this brand. To the 118-country operation of McDonald's will participate in the launch of this in two years, with a narrative quality food brand to customers - totaling about 56 million people each day.

Through a blend of text bold and strong images, this package will describe the content and high quality food that is made at McDonald's. Packaging new global McDonald's will be consistent across the world, using pictures, images and accounts of the story is sophisticated, with and without words.

"Our new packaging is a new way to share stories McDonald's food quality with our customers," said Mary Dillon, head of McDonald's Global Marketing. "The more people know about our food, the more they like it."

While the packaging will reflect the global framework, it is flexible enough to include 21 languages while sharing stories about the quality of the content of McDonald's in a manner consistent with the location of customers worldwide.

McDonald's new packaging will be introduced first in the UK, Ireland and the United States and around the world to continue until 2010.

McDonald's new packaging made by Boxer, a subsidiary of Worldwide Marketing Store, located in Birmingham, England. Boxer also the original slogan "I'm lovin 'it" (I like) and the packaging design of the Global Casting Call for McDonald's.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Investors pursue action shares cheap, Wall Street jumped sharp

Wall Street stock market the United States jumped sharply in trading Tuesday (28/10) local time, as investors pursue action shares cheap.

Dow Jones industrials index jump nearly 900 points, the biggest point increase since the second action hurry cheap stock market surge. Dow index and the Standard & Poor's 500 rose nearly 11 percent.

The analysts mention, investors expenditure shares cheap because the price is too low. "Nothing fundamentally good day yesterday and this can bring up or down. Market is too tired to see (the index) go down," a chief investment Portfolio Management Consultants strategist, Bob Andres.

Dow Index appreciated 889.35 points (10.88 percent) to 9065.12 position. This is the second largest increase in points after 13 last October, which reached 936 points.

While the index of the Standard & Poor's 500 increased 91.59 points (10.79 percent) to 940.51. And the Nasdaq composite index increased 143.57 points (9.53 percent) at 1649.47.

Eggs Redemption on Wall-Mart China

China's government has announced eggs redemption from a trademark because it feared contaminated industrial chemical melamine, such as those found in milk scandal recently. Wal-Mart Stores Inc.., The world's largest retailer announced on Tuesday (28/10) was interesting egg brand "Select" produced by the Dalian Hanwei Enterprise Group from all over the store in China.

The action was conducted by Wal-Mart after the body of the food of Hong Kong found that a high rate of melamine in the imported eggs with a similar brand. Wal-Mart and the Chinese government not to report how many eggs have been withdrawn.

Redemption eggs also stressed concerns that the melamine contamination in the food network the possibility of China has spread more widely from the original allegations. Melamine contamination in eggs is a cause for the Hong Kong government to extend its supervision of food to imported meat to China.

OPEC Will Crop Production More

Secretary General of OPEC warned, Tuesday, the government may cut production again if prices continue to fall, despite the decline has been done on an emergency last week.

OPEC, which produces 40 percent of world crude oil, can undertake a new emergency meeting before the upcoming meeting scheduled in December, said the Secretary General of Organization The State Oil (OPEC) Abdalla Salem El-Badri.

"We will wait and see how the market reaction ... but if this problem persists, then we will do the cutting again," he said to journalists on the sidelines of a conference of oil in London, as reported AFP.

"If the situation deteriorate to the point where we should hold another meeting before in Algeria, we will do it," he said, referring to the upcoming OPEC meeting scheduled in Oran, Algeria, on December 17.